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19 Jan 2021 2:50 PM
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Working for a fifth year in partnership with the MOBO Trust, we are pleased to announce support for a further 21 artists through the longstanding MOBO Help Musicians Fund. Following a devastating year for musicians, it’s vital that we continue to remove the barriers to creative development, support musicians to grow their business skills and provide access to resources that help maintain good health and wellbeing. 


With live music still on pause, musicians have shown, where possible, to be resilient and resourceful in building a career online. This cohort of 21 artists demonstrate adaptability in their projects in terms of dealing with the impact of Covid-19, showing a strong desire to become as ‘digitally self-sufficient’ as possible in the face of current restrictions.  


As well as extensively researching ways of diversifying incomes and becoming more financially resilient while pursuing their passion, many of those supported will also explore important cultural topics, such as: being Black in Britain, social justice inequalities, mental health and vulnerability, faith and much more. 


Awardee Demae said: “I feel seen, heard and believed in. My confidence has been reignited. This fund will allow me to build more momentum to further my EP campaign by creating music videos, whilst also giving me the opportunity to give back to the community of artists that I'll be working with to shoot the music videos. By getting the support I need, I believe this will enable me to have more time to develop my skills, such as songwriting and producing, which will ultimately ease my wellbeing and mental health.”  


Projects supported through the MOBO Help Musicians Fund range from releasing a self-produced rap EP, exploring the experience of young black men from inner-city London, as part of a campaign with a short film; improving brand awareness by developing an online presence,  building social media and creating a website; remote recording and photography service exploring soul in Northern Ireland; as well as using this hiatus away from live performance as a chance to improve musical quality, engage and gain new audiences while researching ways to become financially viable in a digital/streaming world.  


Full list of artists embarking on projects through the MOBO Help Musicians Fund: 



About MOBO Trust:

MOBO Trust, the charity branch of the MOBO organisation, was established in 2016 to provide life-changing opportunities and support to exceptional talent in music and beyond often from disadvantaged backgrounds.

MOBO Trust initiatives include the MOBO Help Musicians Fund, which was created to support the career ambitions of exceptionally talented artists and groups with grants of up to £3k alongside 1:1 business advice and mentoring.

Other opportunities provided include the annual MOBO UnSung competition, which sees countless entrants and provides an artist development programme for the Top 10 finalists.


About Help Musicians:

Help Musicians is an independent charity with an extraordinary history. For nearly 100 years, it has provided a broad spectrum of help, support and opportunities to empower musicians aged 18+, at any stage of their career or retirement, from times of great need to times of opportunity, providing a lifetime of support when it is needed most.

The charity is uniquely placed to take a personalised approach with each individual supported through its integrated programme that offers emerging and established professional musician’s assistance across health and wellbeing, business skills and creative development.

Help Musicians aims to make a meaningful difference to the lives of professional musicians and is passionate about creating a world where musicians thrive.