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30 Nov 2021 4:29 PM
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AGE - 18


Born & raised in Brixton (South London), the performing artist known as A3O (pronounced as “Aeo”), formerly spelt as AEO, discovered his talent at the age of 4 singing in a school choir. A3O’s lively & unique combination of Afro fusion & alternative RnB put the singer on the radar in 2014, creating room for himself to later share stages with notable UK artists such as Ann-Marie & WSTRN at Capital Xtraʼs Music Potential 2016. After completing a degree in Television & Media, AEO released his debut single ʻFightʼ. This boosted his exposure to critical acclaim & rave reviews from tastemakers such as the Guestlist Magazine, Planet Of Sound, All Unsigned, Vents Magazine & ColoRising, among others.

In 2017, A3O zeroed in on writing & creating more sensational music, which led to his early 2018 release of his second single ʻYour Loveʼ, which was released on all digital platforms & played on local Radio stations, such as West Side Radio, Reprezent Radio & many more.

Not a stranger to the stage, after performing at The SSE Arena Wembley, before 7000 people. A3O performed live with Kylie Minogue at BBCʼs annual Radio 2 Festival in Hyde Park (70,000 people), & Emelie Sande during Channel 4ʼs Stand Up 2 Cancer 2018: Aretha Franklin Tribute. 

With the release of the visuals for his single ‘Roundsʼ & ‘Chills’ gaining reviews from publications such as Clash Magazine, the South London performing artist took time in 2020 to create more music and rebrand. A3O secured himself a position on Tribe Urban's playlist with the release of his first single of 2021 titled 'All Night', which was also featured on Remi Burgz Breakfast show on BBC 1Xtra. A3O is set to release his second single of 2021 and still on the pursuit “to create something [music] that will live forever”.





In 2016 I was selected out of the thousands of applicants for Capital Xtra’s music potential, this gave me the opportunity to partake in their 6 week music development programme. My proudest moment was being chosen out of the 100 upcoming artist that took part, to perform at their showcase in front of 1410 people at the end of the programme in KOKO Camden. Performing at showcase as part of the final 6 meant I had the opportunity to share the stage with WSTRN & Anne Marie while performing my own song in a sold out music venue for the first time ever. This opportunity verified my drive to be an artist.

At the beginning of 2021 after releasing my second single since rebranding as A3O, my single All Night was play listed on the local radio station Tribe Urban. Through this my song was submitted as part of mix for the Remi Burgz Breakfast Show on BBC 1xtra. This moment was a proud moment as it was my first national radio play.

At the beginning of 2020 with great shock, I was nominated for my first award for best male artist by a local award called the Legacy Achievement Awards. This was a shock and a very proud moment; as I was not expecting it all, at the time I felt I had more work to do to even be thought of for an award, so this came as a lovely surprise. Due to the covid19 pandemic the award ceremony had to be cancelled and postponed but, to be announced as a nominee was enough for me to be proud.



AGE - 29


Hailing from South London, and drawing influences from the greats such as Prince, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke and Michael Jackson, Adreyn Cash is revered for his pure, smooth and lush vocals, that travel across soul, R&B, pop and alternative music. His signature alternative soul sound, which excellently fuses elements of pop, rock, R&B, gospel and classical music, to create something striking and unique, and yet warmly familiar, has been honed to perfection over the years. Growing up, Jamaican born British artist Adreyn Cash found himself in and around music from an early age. A strong musical heritage consisting of reggae artists RDX, Eric Donaldson and the all-important presence of his mother, meant that although not his birth right, it’s considered that becoming a musician himself was something he was destined to do. It wasn’t until the age of 16 however that he started taking his music seriously, upon which, he was able to flourish at an array of opportunities.

He championed renditions of songs such as John Legend’s “Ordinary People” at weddings, birthdays and secondary school performances that on one performance included the Mayor and Mayoress of his borough amongst the delighted audience. Excitement for him as a musician was growing. The belief was that “Once he gets into the industry, there will be no stopping him”. - Mayor of the London Borough of Bromley.

With the acknowledgment of him as a musician increasing, he began playing bigger events for an expanded fan-base that continued to grow ever stronger. This ultimately culminated into an early highlight of his career: performing at the Indig02 in December 2009. Almost a decade later, in 2018, after completing a degree in Music, Adreyn burst onto the scene with single ‘Angel’s Lie’ which was premiered by BBC 1Xtra, with further support from Reprezent Radio, Elicit Magazine, and Link Up TV, among others, and has garnered over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. Proving the Jamaican born British singer, songwriter and producer was a force to be reckoned with.




As an a creative artist, its always been important to me to create a body of work, and creating my Illusions project has to be up there for me in terms of my proudest moments. This project was written, and stands as an audio documentary to my aspirations, dreams and fears. I produced and co-produced all songs and wrote every lyric. being able to put my expression in every bit of my art was so important for me. So this project represents more than just a collection of songs. It’s really a collection of me and I couldn’t be prouder.

I haven’t really had many opportunities to really showcase all the creative and musical side of me. One of those outlets is being able to perform my songs live. I been so blessed to say I’ve been able to perform at the indigo O2 in London twice.

Lockdown stopped a lot of things I wanted to do last year. One of those things was looking to perform at a festival. It didn't matter to me which one I just wanted the experience so I could build from there. Last year the BBC contacted me to perform 3 of my songs for a special segment for the BBC Airwaves Festival. Not only did I get to perform live at my first festival. I also was able to show my visual creative side. That is up there as one of my proudest moments



AGE 28


Crae Wolf is a rising Rapper from East London. The self-proclaimed ‘Queen Of Flow’ is a breath of fresh air to the UK Rap scene. Her deep sultry tone is easily identifiable as she delivers punchy and fiery bars laced in confidence, befitting of a Queen. Her ability to flow or ‘skate’ on the beat as she often refers to it, puts her in a league of her own.  In a scene dominated by males the rap Queen has found herself creating a promising buzz with notable support from BBC music introducing and other top radio stations across the country. As she gears up to release her debut EP, Crae Wolf, has remained active and performed at many events that include BoxPark and provided support for fellow rising rapper Sym Worldd headline show. Crae Wolf shows no signs of slowing down and continues on her journey to success, she is definitely one to watch.





It has been an exciting journey as a musician to get to this place. A moment I am especially proud of was taking the risk and starting again. Like a Phoenix I underwent a transition period where I lost a part of myself only to be reborn. This was a crucial part of my evolution as an artist. I previously performed under a different alias, “Ara”. During the pandemic I was able to take some time for myself to perfect my craft and discover resolutely what my sound was. I strengthened my pen game as I was determined to stay true to my and remain original. I want my music to be relatable but I also want it to be genuine and reflect my world. The effort and hard work I put in paid off and is clearly demonstrated in the quality of music I’ve produced. My sound evolved into something dark, fresh and edgy, although unexpected it was the birth of my alter ego Crae wolf.

I am incredibly pleased with the progress I have made since my evolution. My music has been received more positively and my audience is growing everyday. I am extremely proud of the fact that my music has been played on national radio stations. I received Radio play on BBC Radio 1 for bbc music introducing. This was definitely one of the highlights of the year to receive support from such a big name. My music has also been played on other stations such as represent radio and flex Fm to name a few. Hearing my music on the radio is one of the best feelings in the world. I’ve also had a few write ups and articles from GRM daily and Link up tv discussing my releases which was another moment for me.

I am really proud and excited to announce that I have finally completed my first project and currently working towards its release in early 2022. ‘Rogue’ Is a project that I believe will have an impact on the UK Rap scene and could do things on an international level. Although I am a rapper, I am also a songwriter. I have the ability to tell a story like no other. I claim the title “Queen of Flow” because I am aware of the skills I possess. I have created a body of work that I believe will transcend through time and leave a mark in music. I am ready to share my art with the world.



AGE 40



Genesis Elijah is a Brixton born rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. Known for his passionate delivery and gritty reality based lyrics. One of the most respected names in the UK music scene with some of the most loyal supporters worldwide.

Genesis Elijah has consistently wowed fans with his original and unpredictable style. Whether on the Glastonbury stage or Wembley arena is energetic performances are always captivating. Genesis Elijah has performed all over the world as well as starred in International advertising campaigns (Magners Irish Cider, Roberts Speaker, Tullamore Whiskey) and was also the voice for the first ever advert involving all UK terrestrial channels. He has been championed by DJs like Semtex, Zane Lowe and Charlie Sloth as well as Hollywood A-listers like Ricky Gervais. His body of work includes cult classics like 'Jah Bless', 'Fathers Day' and 'Phantom Dread Syndrome', which was featured in the movie Brotherhood.

A versatile musician who flows effortlessly effortlessly between all genres and styles who has worked with artists from Foreign Beggars, Manga, and Harry Shotta to Kele Le Roc and Matt Goss (Bros), Genesis Elijah continues to be one of the most consistent artist in his field.





Performing at Wembley

Voicing the Tullamore Whiskey Advert

Being the voice of the first ever joint UK terrestrial channel advert



AGE - 20


Taking inspiration from the likes of Kanye West, Jevon, Chip, Drake and Dave East, South London's JClarke embodies the sounds of Grime, Drill and Rap laced with R&B and Afroswing in both his lyrics and production. Since making a name for himself in the 2019 Hardest Under 18’s BL@CK BOX cypher, followed by his solo freestyle that dropped in January this year, JClarke has been progressively dropping high quality music on a consistent basis. His most recent release titled 'Coldest Summer' captures the essence of the past year’s trials and tribulations, embraces dealing with hard times, his constant drive for developing his craft and his self-assured confidence in his success as an artist. The future looks promising for JClarke as he breaks his way into the UK scene so make sure you stay locked in.





One of the highlights of my fledgling career as a musician so far would be taking part in the 2019 Hardest U18s Bl@ckbox Cypher. For myself, it was the first significant opportunity I had received showcase my skills as a rapper to a much larger audience as Bl@ckbox have a strong platform for up and coming talent in the UK. Every artist has some sort of experience with self-doubt during their career but this was one of those moments that completely overshadowed those thoughts and feelings as the response received and the success of the cypher itself gave me a massive boost in confidence.

Another proud moment I've experienced as an artist was performing for Stormzy during his masterclass at my college ELAM. I was still new to music at the time and was fairly awkward/nervous when it came to performing on stage, so to be given the opportunity to perform in front of one of the biggest urban acts in the country, along with Mo Gilligan, Craig Mitch and the entirety of my college was slightly daunting to my 17 year old self. To summarise, the performance went perfectly fine and I was just overthinking the whole situation; however the reason I was so proud of the moment was because for the last 3/4 years prior to that I grew up watching Stormzy admiring this superstar and now I had the opportunity to showcase my skills to that superstar.

My proudest moment thus far, is seeing the growth I've achieved not only as an artist but also as a musician. When I first started making music I used to look at people more skilled than myself and have no idea how to achieve such a similar thing and almost think it was impossible. That's not to say that I didn't believe in my own skills, I was just puzzled at how it could be done, primarily because I was thinking short-term. Nevertheless I knew that further artist development was something I wanted/still want to achieve and overtime I could see the growth take place and certain goals become more and more realistic. Lockdown in 2020 was a blessing in disguise for me as it gave me time to slow down, focus and properly get to work. I gained a strong sense of self-discipline and became even more passionate about my craft, to say I love it is an understatement. I'm not only a rapper, I also produce, engineer and write songs and I've seen considerable growth in all areas to the point where I take pride in my work. Before I would produce instrumentals as a side-hobby and never once considered taking it seriously or developing my skills to the point where I can produce for myself or monetise from it, as time has passed however I now find myself starting songwriting ideas simultaneously with production ideas and regularly producing for other artists around me. An example of this is a song I've released titled 'Mercy' where I sampled "Mercy Mercy Me" by Marvin Gaye, flipped it into a dark rap Santan Dave-esque instrumental and wrote a song about the gritty streets of South London and the lack of mercy placed on those who live within the environment. Sonically, the track has a classic 70s Soul sample, Trap drums and Afro-Cuban piano chords along with a gritty, punching verse and a melodic hook to summarise the track. A year prior, I don't think I would have been able to make a track like that completely from scratch it just wasn't on the cards, however through hard-work, perseverance and the blessing of time I was able to grow improve. That's why I'm proud.



AGE - 22



Jordan Adetunji is a hip hop artist and songwriter from Belfast, UK. His dynamic style and undoubted stage presence bring excitement and an unquestionable feel-good vibe to each live performance. Jordan is a trend setter among his peers as he pioneer his way through the Island of Ireland and bringing others with him as he creates following from all backgrounds of people.

Jordan and his exceptionally talented bandmates are at the forefront of this genre in Northern Ireland at a time when Hip-hop/Rnb music has been performing exceptionally well internationally. Jordan and his team have been pushing the boundaries with experimental sounds, digital lighting effects, and a huge catalogue of original music.

His sing-along tracks get everyone involved as he "spits cleverly written bars" around bold rhythmic instrumentation, switching from emo-rap to earthy sing-song at any given time. Expect heart-wrenching hooks and lines of vivid poetry, flawlessly mixed with a melody that will sink into your soul.

Renowned for commanding an eclectic array of genres, Belfast-Northern Ireland-based powerhouse Jordan Adetunji summons his own strain of melodic emo-rap, breaking all the rules with his genre. He is known for merging rap, afro-pop with post-punk feel-infused RnB.




Jordan was the first black artist to be nominated in 3 of 5 categories at the Northern Ireland Music Prize and also play live with his 7 piece live band. The categories were, Best Live Act, Best Single and BBC Emerging Artist Contender Award.

He shared stage with the legendary Snow Partol Band from the region.

Featured in NME for been Northern Ireland Music Ambassador for Independent Venue Week 2021, alongside Arlo Parks -https://www.nme.com/news/music/independent-venue-week-name-jordan-adetunji-as-2021-ambassador-for-northern-ireland-2850737

After his first sold out headline showcase he was booked as opening act for Ynxg Bane Tour, US rapper the Game & Coolio's European Tour in Belfast.



AGE - 27


An exciting force of Grime and Hip-Hop, hailing from Cardiff, Wales. Having won a Triskel Award at the Welsh Music Prize 2020, and garnering the support of the likes of BBC 1Xtra, BBC Wales, ITV, S4C and the Focus Wales Festival & Conference; Mace The Great is now primed for a huge 2022. He continues to carry Cardiff on his shoulders with pride, and this evident love he holds for his city is reciprocated tenfold by his local community. Keeping humble and true to his roots, he is quickly building the foundations towards global success following on from the critically acclaimed EP ‘My Side Of The Bridge’ released March 2021 via the MTGM label. Since the release he has gone on to be nominated for a Welsh Music Prize 2021, been unveiled as Welsh Ambassador for Independent Venue Week, and has been selected to be the first welsh MOBO artist to perform and showcase at SXSW 2022.





Being the first Welsh rapper invited to perform at SXSW 2022.

Having my track 'My Side Of The Bridge' used as the official soundtrack for the 21/22 Cardiff City FC kit launch, and performing at the stadium in front of thousands of fans.

Having my project nominated for a Welsh Music Prize along with being named the welsh ambassador for Independent Venue Week 2022.





AGE - 24

London born Singer – Songwriter Natalie Lindi is the meeting point of a number of influences- the South African jazz she grew up with; the dark vocals of Joy Crookes and Nina Simone as they straddle the boundaries between soul, jazz, and RnB; and the authenticity she has developed in contrast to pop expectations. Natalie opens herself up emotionally in her songs, knowing that sharing her own experiences creates a true connection with her listeners. Often described as a vocal gymnast, Natalie is inspired by the vocal stylings of Ella Fitzgerald, Minnie Riperton and Mariah Carey; with intricate vocal runs and whistle tones lacing her music.

Natalie’s performance experience extends to Ronnie Scotts, the Roundhouse Beach, Brighton Komedia and Altersonic festival in the Netherlands. She most recently won first place in the Open Mic UK competition after competing against 10,000 contestants. Her music has gained support from BBC Radio 1 and BBC introducing, and she is excited to share her debut EP with you soon. 





Winning nationwide competition 'Open Mic UK' in 2019. I competed against 10,000 applicants and performed within the O2 Arena [O2 Indigo] during the grand finals. As part of the prize I recorded a music video, worked with a producer on 4 songs, and took part in a week long songwriting camp with Tileyard Education. I gained so much invaluable experience working intensely in the studio for a week, and filming my first music video. I learned things to improve next time, and honed my sound as an artist/songwriter. The songwriting camp helped me understand what it's like to write with a big team, and how splits, royalties and sync work. All around it was a great learning experience, boosted my confidence, and helped me to keep envisioning a big future!

During my time at university I performed alongside well-known singer/songwriter - Bruno Major - as part of a songwriters circle. I was 1 of 4 students selected to perform. He is a genius songwriter; his use of chords, lyrics and song structure is familiar sounding, yet unique and incredibly crafted! I felt honoured to sit beside him and watch him perform, as well as share my own original music. It was a truly magical evening.

Being interviewed and having my song "Tattoo" played on BBC Radio 1 show 'The Scene' with Rafaella and Kim Davis. I released Tattoo to raise awareness of the rising cases of domestic violence during lockdown. The song tells the story of someone in an abusive relationship and how hard it is for them to leave, by the end of the song they leave the relationship. I wanted to end the song on an empowering note, hopefully inspiring the listener. It was great to have the opportunity to talk about my writing process, and for the song to reach a wider audience.




AGE - 20


BIOG - British singer songwriter SARAH IKUMU discovered her passion for music at a young age, first planting her roots as a singer in her father’s church. After competing in the Teen Star UK competition, Sarah was then spotted by Britain’s Got Talent scout. Sarah went on to take part in Britain’s Got Talent 2017 and was immediately awarded the famed golden buzzer by Simon Cowell after a rendition of Jennifer Holidays "And I am telling You". She was voted as the 3rd runner up at the semifinal stage and was later brought in as a wild card on the final show. Her unique vocal abilities and stage presence paved the way to another success: Showtime At the Apollo in New York, where she reached the final in 2018. Sarah has since performed in the UK for the United Nation Trust Fund, We Day SSE Arena, NSPCC and around the world at the Apollo Theatre spring gala, Apollo in the Hamptons with The Roots,Taste of Abu Dhabi ,The hurricane Maria memorial in Dominica and a private event for Audemars Piguet.





Another proud moment for me, was winning my episode of ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ on Fox network at the age of 17. It’s filmed in New York and hosted by Steve Harvey. It was extremely nerve racking as the audience choose who will win by clapping and a standing ovation. However they can also choose to boo you off stage and the sandman will come remove you. It was tough and unlike any crowd I had performed in front off but the energy was exhilarating and it opened my eyes to not only wanting to be a success in the UK but all over the world.

My third proudest moment has definitely got to be performing at the ‘Apollo in the Hamptons’ with the famous band ‘The Roots’! It was a once in a lifetime experience. Performing with people who have had so much success and played for the biggest stars was an honour and a blessing. I also got to meet amazing people such as Pharrel, Jamie Foxx, Chaka Khan, Shaggy etc.

Since I was a child, I listened to Soul/R&B and my influences are the greats such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and newer artists such as Bruno Mars and Jazmine Sullivan. Soul/R&B, music which have a story behind them, music that is timeless is what I love and long to sing and perform to the masses. I think it would bring me a great sense of achievement and Joy knowing I could make it in our current industry staying true to who I am as a musician. We are living in times where there is a lot of opportunities and you have the freedom to create all kinds of music but I still feel that Music with soul is not as appreciated and it’s much harder to break out. A lot of times I’ve been told that what I’m doing Is not current enough, I’m singing just a little too much, dim it down a bit. I get that you have to keep a fresh sound but I don’t think it should compromise on what I love to sing. I’d also want to convey that although I’ve had a lot of great opportunities in my life, I am still having to work very hard for what I want and I am nowhere close to where I want to be. I’ve had a lot of empty promises, a lot of disappointment but I know that if I work hard enough, do what I need to do and trust in Gods timing that I can make it and anyone else can to.




AGE -27


Zitah is an R&B/Soul singer song-writer who grew up in South East London. Zitah has always aspired to create music. Growing up she performed at venues such as the Royal Albert hall, MFY showcases and many more alongside her childhood choir. In 2020 Zitah released her first debut single ‘’Goals” that entails her drive and speaks truthfully about what her main focus is when it comes to her hunger for succeeding. As well as releasing recorded music, Zitah continues to sing at some of the biggest live music showcases all over the UK such as Fireball sessions, Vibe Village, Eddies House to name a few. Zitah has also appeared on BBC’s 'Little Mix: The Search' and other TV functions such as the BRITS 2020, supporting and sharing a stage with one of the UK's very own Stormzy. Zitah then went on to release her second single ‘Come Over’ February 2021. 





Releasing my first single

Performing at the Brits

Performing at my first festival South facing + All Points East