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24 Apr 2019 3:49 PM
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Earlier this month, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a very special screening of the highly-anticipated comedy, Little, courtesy of MOBO and Universal. With celebrity guests like Levi Roots, Nadia Rose, Jamelia, Ramz, and more in attendance, I instantly knew that Little was going to be a film that had everyone talking and excited.  

As expected, the film is a light-hearted comical story of a successful businesswoman called Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) who gets transformed into her younger self. As the story unfolds, we embark on a life lesson that we can all take a page from.

If like me, you were born in the 90s or prior, you’ll remember Regina Hall for playing Brenda Meeks in Scary Movie. A hilariously loud, uproarious character, who I and I’m sure some of the readers of this review personally miss, but times have certainly changed for Regina Hall as she takes on the role of Jordan Sanders; a ruthlessly savage CEO and founder of a lucrative tech company. 

Jordan terrorizes her employees by singling them out for verbal and physical humiliation, but her cold-hearted ways along with a dash of magic revert her back to her 13-year-old self, played by rising Hollywood starlet Marsai Martin – who served as executive producer of Little and became Hollywood’s youngest-ever executive producer (boss moves!). 

Unlike most 13-year-olds, Jordan (Marsai) finds herself living in a parentless bachelor pad whilst running a demanding business and attending school. How does one manage such an unbelievable task you may ask? Well, this is where her assistant April (Issa Rae) steps in and the comical mismatch joins forces as we embark on an insightful journey that every horrible boss should take notes on. 

With more than Just a “Little” bit of laughter, the film's message echoes slightly differently than most body swap movies, which I appreciated and loved.  Boasting an incredible cast and a powerful message, whether you're a parent looking for something to watch with your teens or you’re looking for a light-hearted film to watch on a date, Little is the perfect film for you. 

Little is OUT NOW in UK cinemas. 

Author: Kevin Maha (@KevinMmzz)