Video Premiere: CROOX

We introduced you to CROOX after they announced the release of their debut EP titled 'EU' and now we are back to offer you FOUR video premieres!

Not only does this UK collective showcase their electronic and modernized R&B flavours in their music but they also have supplied just as impressive visuals to match. The band has opted to represent themselves under a cloak of black attire to disguise any true identity whilst allowing their visuals, moving imagery and sound to showcase their progressive and forward-thinking creativity.

Over the course of the next four days we will be releasing the videos to four new tracks ‘Trouble’, ‘Settle’, ‘Fake & Fortune’ and ‘Profit X Prophet’, which were shot in four cities within the European union: Milan, Berlin, London and Paris. 

First up...FAKE & FORTUNE. Be on the lookout for the others this week but for now, just watch and enjoy!!!

CROOX - Fake & Fortune - Paris from CROOX on Vimeo.

There you go!! PROFIT X PROPHET - Enjoy!

CROOX - Profit X Pophet - London from CROOX on Vimeo.

Aaaand the next one! "TROUBLE" shot in Berlin!

Croox - Trouble - Berlin from CROOX on Vimeo.

It's time for the final video: "SETTLE"

CROOX - Settle - Milano from CROOX on Vimeo.


Alexis J. Mattei