StreetDance 2 3D Review

StreetDance 2 3D Review

If you loved the first StreetDance movie, you are certainly going to love this one as the StreetDance franchise goes bigger than ever before. Bringing on an all star talented cast with the likes of Akai (2010 Got To Dance winner) and Flawless (Britains Got Talent) boosting the talent on show. George Sampson returns in a starring role as the cheeky manager of the crew Eddie supporting the main characters Ash (Falk Hentschel) and Eva (Sofia Boutella) in this dancing spectacle that has much more to offer than the traditional dance films before.

The story starts with Ash who is working as the popcorn boy at a dance competition in London and he is confronted with this movie’s villain Vince. The ego driven Vince heads his dance troop Invincible whose cockiness doesn’t go unnoticed when Ash challenges them to a dance off but fails miserably. Eddie (George Sampson) sees his potential and asks him to head his dance troop to win the world championships in Paris which is only two months away. From here, the two guys travel across Europe to gather the best Street Dancers around.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, Eddie takes Ash on a night out in Paris and comes up with the idea to mix Street Dance with Salsa. This is when we are introduced to Eva's character to the story as she shows off her moves in the clubs boxing ring. When Ash's eyes fall on Eva's grace, you know love is in the air.

It was interesting to see how they could mix the two dance styles as they both are so intense but so different. And with the love story enfolded into the mix of Ash’s passion to beat Vince and the Invisible’s, expect a lot of twists and the legendary Tom Conti gives a remarkable performance as Eva’s father which opens the door for a few moments that will get you laughing out load.

You are always impressed with the dance moves each crew perform. Each dance comes quick and fast so you got to keep concentrated as you may miss the next dazzling dance move. After you watch the movie, you’ll be trying your hand on a few moves for a few weeks at least but may still be far away from perfection like the guys here.

Make sure you catch StreetDance 2 3D in cinemas from the 30th of March, you will not be disappointed!


Dean Woodhouse