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We've recently talked to the UK duo producer Star.One, one of the UK's rising phenomenons. This is surely not to be missed! Check out the full interview below.


Hi Star One! Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourselves to the MOBO.COM readers who may not be familiar with you just yet?

Adam: We're Joe and Adam. We're brothers and together we make and play music. Star.One is a child of the UK garage scene and everything that's come from it: hiphop, grime, house and whatever else is good at the moment. We've been doing this for about 3 years. 

Joe: The name comes from when my friends used to call me Blacks so my DJ name was Black Star. Adams name was from when he first started DJing a needed a name so called himself Phaze One as it was his first phase of his dj-ing. We joined the two together to make Star.One.

Adam: It couldve easily been Black Phaze and maybe well use that in the future.


Working together with your brother, how does that combination work is it difficult at times or hugely beneficial?

Joe: I think it's good, we can be brutally honest with each other so there's no beating around the bush.

Adam: We know each other so well and what each other can do so it works really well in the studio. We also have really similar goals we can both aim for the same things which also makes it easier.


Have you been unable to find a compromise when creating a track together?

Joe: Not really

Adam: Well try different things and see whats best and what sounds best. Were in it for the same kind of goal so were always both working towards that and even if theres a difference of opinion in the sound we both know that we both want the same thing ultimately. We just have to talk it out and find a compromise.


Your Elementsmixtape features the likes of P Money, Mica Paris, and C4. Can you tell us about the process from contacting these artists to being in the studio and laying the track down?

Adam: Theres a lot of cancellations, a lot of follow up emails. For this tape, we kind of had an idea of who we wanted so we made a list and contacted them. It was hard to get them all but equally the UK scene is quite open so you get in contact with the people you want and if they like your stuff they get back to you and you can work out where to go from there. Finding studio time and cancellations are often hard, but you just have to be patient. We knew that getting so many people together would take a long time so  we didnt give ourselves a time frame, we just did it until it was done.

Joe: Its been worth it in the end!


How would you describe your sound in 3 words and who are the artists who have influenced your sound the most?

Joe: Eclectic, bass and vocal-led. Not one single person has influenced us more than any other. 

Adam: Other duo producer acts like Daft Punk and Chase and Status have certainly influenced us in how we make music and their longevity in the game. Musically, the influence list is so long: hiphop acts like Nas, Timberland to grime and garage like Zed Bias and so many others in-between.


What advice would you give to people who want to make music?

Adam: Its now easier than its ever been to make your own music as all you need is access to a laptop or computer and you theres programs you can get. Its never been so easy to make a track and upload it to the internet and get people to listen to it. Just start doing it, find your own sound and develop from there - youre not going to learn without trying.


Which style of urban music can you most identify with?

Joe: Its really hard to say exactly because we have so many influences but maybe Id say either hiphop or garage. Probably more garage just because a lot of different genres like grime spun off from that but saying that weve got such strong influences from hiphop as well.


Who would be your dream collaboration?

Adam: I will say Nas, because he is just one of my favourite rappers ever. Vocalist wise, I always say Charles Bradley, I think it would be really cool to do a track with him - his story as an artist is quite inspiring as well so it would be amazing to work with him.


What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome in the music industry as a duo?

Joe: I think just getting out there was pretty hard.

Adam: Yeah, just getting into the scene. Its close knit but its also quite a saturated market at the moment so its pretty hard to make yourself stand out. Especially us, because we dont do a specific type of music so its harder to build a specific fan-base as each track appeals to different fans from different styles of music. If youre a Drum n Bass producer and thats all you make, its easier to appeal to a certain audience and build your fanbase, with us, it takes a little bit longer for people to cotton onto it and to identify with all of the sounds.


What have you been up to this summer? And what can we expect from you in the future?

Adam: Summer has pretty much been gigs and in the studio.

Joe: A lot of studio time!

Adam: Weve been working with a lot more artists, doing studio sessions with them either for our projects or for theirs and well continue doing that. Gigs wise we did Strawberries and Cream in Cambridge which was nice. Reading and Leeds which was crazy, and were doing Bestival as well.

Joe: After that I guess well be back to the studio some more and working on another EP and growing on what weve already released and done.


Finally tell us something which would surprise us?

Adam: Before Star.One, even though were brothers and both of us were making music and Djing, we had never made a track together.

Joe: Our first track together was a remix of the Rastamouse theme tune! 


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