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Sonic Inspiration | Dizzee Rascal "Boy In Da Corner" | Playlist

#SonicInspiration is our weekly playlist series which puts us to the task of curating a playlist of tracks which we feel are sonically inspired by a particular album. Expect to find a new playlist every Thursday.

It is rare that the first album release of a newly minted genre of music is a bona fide classic. However, Dizzee Rascal’s debut LP Boy In Da Corner is that rarefied enigma. Hailed as the quintessential Grime album, Dizzee Rascal’s first studio effort remains the genre’s benchmark of excellence. Considering the number of artists who cite Boy In Da Corner as a major influence in their career, we thought BIDC would be a perfect fit for our Sonic Inspiration playlist series. Filled with cuts from Skepta to CapoLee, press play and enjoy below... 

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