Princess Nyah | MOBO Interview

Princess Nyah is one of the most hardworking females in the music industry, so when the chance to have a chat with her arose we certainly couldn't say no. In this interview Princess Nyah talks to us about her ambitions moving forward, writing with a Grammy Award winner, her new single 'Champion' and her desire to empower women. Check out the full interview below! 

For those people that may not have heard of you, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Princess Nyah I am a recording artist and an entrepreneur. I run my own fashion business called Binghi’s Boutique and release my own music on my own label.

How did you first get into music?

I first got into music when I was about 8 years old, I loved rapping and performed as Neneh Cherry at Notting hill Carnival. I really loved it and from that day I knew I wanted to be a musician.  

What would you say inspires you the most as an artist?

Life experiences inspire me the most. I often design a t-shirt based on an emotion or feeling and write a song about a part of my life.  

Tell us about your new single 'Champion'?

‘Champion’ is about a girl from North West London who has over come her challenges and fears and who fills the shoes of a champion. No matter the challenge, the knock back, the fear, Champion stands for every time I have fallen over but have got back up and continued my journey.

The video looks pretty exotic, where was it filmed and do you have much say on how your videos look?

Thank you! It was filmed in Spain, and yes I’m very involved in the creative process when it comes to my visuals. I worked very closely with the director Ben Peters. As I am unsigned and am funding my project myself sometimes I have to take on two three or four roles to get a job done! So for the ‘Champion’ video I actually played the role of producer as well as artist. I sourced all the locations and took care of all the finer details!

You have been working alongside Grammy winning writer Angela Hunte, what is it like to work with her and what is the most important advice she has given you?

Working with her was a dream come true and the friendship that has blossomed out of it is even better. Working with her felt like hanging out with the big sister I never had. She is such a sweet and loving person but when it comes to her work she is a beast. She writes multiple songs every day and manages to dissect what the artist is thinking and create a record out of your experiences it’s a crazy thing to watch and so in inspiring. Her advice to me was don’t worry what anyone else thinks just keep to my truth and work hard.

How did working with Angela Hunte come around?

Well you probably wont believe me but I stalked her on twitter. I followed her for a while and when she was in London, I managed to go out to dinner with her and her husband through someone I knew in the industry. We became friends before we worked with each other!                                                                          

Who would be a dream collaboration for you?

I have so many people I would love to work with but Lauryn Hill I would love to work with and also Kandi. Kandi used to be in a group called Escape and I would love to maybe do a business with her as I think she is an amazing singer songwriter but an amazing business woman too.

You have an incredible work ethic, not only are you a music artist you have your own clothing business, tell us a bit about that?

Thank you for the “incredible work ethic” it’s nice when people mention the work that goes into being a recording artist / business woman. I have a fashion line called Binghi’s Boutique. It’s a lifestyle brand for men, women and children we do positive clothes for positive people. I have been doing it for a while I actually started the clothing before I burst onto the scene with my music. I love it, its another creative outlet for me to express myself! 

RoyleTease is your own label, tell us about your label…

I set up my own Label because I have never been signed and wanted to release my music under one umbrella. At the start it was all a bit here there and everywhere so I wanted to be in control of what was being put out and when. In the future I would love to help up and coming artist release there music.

On International Woman's Day you were at the houses of parliament, what was that like?

Every year on IWD I always do something to empower women, one year I shot a video and put loads of girls in it to inspire girls. It was called I feel pretty. Last year I released a compilation CD that featured all the urban females! This year I think I even shocked myself by taking over the Houses of Parliament for an event called Think Like A Boss! The event was really good we had about 100 attendees and it went really well.

You run your own educational master classes, what does this involve?

I did a music master class in Liverpool this year at the famous LIPA which is a university founded by Sir Paul McCartney. The master class was to discuss my journey in music and more importantly the business behind the artist that is myself (Princess Nyah).  It went so well that I decided that I wanted to take the master class into music schools with the hopes of inspiring young people. I haven’t actually done it yet it’s all in progress but its something I really want to do.

Do you think as a female in the music industry it was harder to break through?

I think it’s hard for anyone to break into the industry not just girls. I think it’s even harder to stay in once you have broken in. The music industry especially in this day an age is a singles driven market. As a musician you want to tell a story and its kind of impossible to share your life on a record with one or two singles. So our battle as up and coming artist is to make an impact in a shorter amount of time with less songs.

If you were nominated for a MOBO, What category would you come under?

I would like to win Best Female Artist most definitely. I have written this into the universe and I think 2015 I should be in the running. 

What more can we expect from you this year?

More music more music and much more music. I’m ready to show the world what more music I have and lots of touring is in store as well!

'Champion' is released on 7th September on Royletease Records. Pre-order here:


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