Platnum 'Solar System'

Platnum 'Solar System'

Teaming up with the Black Eyed Peas Producer DJ Poet, the Mancunian trio Aaron Evers, Michelle McKenna and Mina Poli are growing through the UK Bassline Scene in 2012. Having already created an album called ‘Lost In The Music’, the group have released the first song, ‘Solar System’, on May 6th 2012 by All in Recordings.

Back in the day when Michelle was a solo rapper and Aaron and Mina a duo, the three formed at a talent contest in Manchester at a young age. The song that they chose to sing in the final, ‘Over the Heartache’, went on to become one of the most played Bassline tracks of all time, combining a love song with a heavy bass. After touring nationwide with N-Dubz and entering the UK singles charts with What’s It Gonna Be (feat. H “Two” O) – a blast from the past in 2008 – Platnum did not want to stop there.

After a coincidental meeting, Michelle was able to hand Will.I.Am, front man of the Black Eyed Peas, a demo of their work. In the not so glamorous setting of her car, she then played another to produced DJ Poet, and the deal was sealed. Who knew that one day they would be adding the finishing touches to their very own debut album?

‘Solar System’ fuses a mix of universal dance with a house beat, and is sure to be making its way into clubs all over the UK. Being compared to the likes of the Black Eyed Peas, not unexpectedly, and Far East Movement, it is no wonder that the trio have more to reveal. “I haven’t heard a sound or seen a group as original and exciting since the Peas” says DJ Poet himself, and Platnum will be heading onto our radio airwaves within the next few months.


Holly Braine