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MOBO Interview | Vie Watson

Who do you think would play the life and times of Vie Watson in a blockbuster Hollywood Movie?

I think Hollywood would pick Quvenzhané Wallis as the child version of me. She’s so smart, super sharp and has an amazing voice! I’d be delighted. As a teenager, I’d imagine someone like China Anne McClain because she’s full of fun and energy. I admire the fact that her first major role was in the movie ‘The Gospel’, that says it all, I guess.

For the mature Vie... Well, I think I’d choose the fabulous Jennifer Hudson. She is an amazing balladeer and I love the sense of ‘narrative’ when she sings. I also have an affinity with her, as she is someone whose musical roots were cultivated in the church. She also had a strong spiritual role model in her mother, something I am fortunate to enjoy. 

Where did you learn to sing with such technical clarity?

Well, I get the singing genes from my mum, who, even now, sings beautifully with such strength. My late father, Bishop H P Strachan, also loved music. Against the expected stereotypes and limited expectations, he was such a champion of all things excellent. He had stacks of military and classical records, which I didn’t initially appreciate. However, our home was always filled with music. At church I loved being part of the choir and, under such superb musical leadership, those experiences still has an impact on me now. 

The technical excellence came as a result of the classical vocal lessons I received while studying Music at college. Furthermore, I was involved in the Chamber Choir at Prendergast Girls School, which honed my vocal skills. I’d be expected to be able to perform pieces like ‘Gloria In Excelsis Deo’ by Vivaldi with ease. Those I trained alongside and sang with also spent considerable time watching performances at the English National Opera. All of these experiences have helped me to appreciate the value of clarity when singing.

Can you name some of your major musical influences?

Yolanda Adams and CeCe Winans for sure. The harmonies of Take 6 and the compositional skills of Richard Smallwood are also huge sources of inspiration for me. 

You must be a major celebrity in your hometown?

No, not at all!! I teach part-time and the pupils know that I sing in my spare time. There have been several small articles about my charity work and news reports. I’m also a private vocal coach and direct the wonderful Chantez Choir. I’ve enjoyed performing at various weddings, including several pro footballers. My pupils are convinced that I should be doing some sort of show. My friends say I’m warm, funny, inspirational, caring and bubbly, full of life and enthusiasm, and that my faith is a living, vibrant core in my life. But a celeb? No, not me! I have a pure passion for singing. My focus has been around serving my local church community at Calvary Church, Kingswinford, where I serve as a Worship Team Leader. I’m also a bit of a 'chauffeur and chef’ for my beautiful children Jacob and Lauren and lovely, supportive husband Peter.

What is your favourite Gospel album and why?

Oh, it’s like asking me to choose my favourite sister! [Laughs] Pretty much impossible. But I must say, if I had to rescue my top 3 CDs, they would be Roger and Sam Grandison’s Live In London, Martha Munizzi’s The Best Is Yet To Come, and Tye Tribbett’s Greater Than

Where can fans see you live and find out more information about you? 

Currently, I don’t have any videos, tshirts, pens or mugs to purchase, but fans can see my music videos on Youtube here. I also perform regularly throughout the year, some are private functions, many are solo gigs and events and others are with amazing artists, such as my personal mentor, Audrey Lawrence Mattis and her Chorale, AMC. 

Is your music available on Spotify?

I’m working on that, but there are tracks available on Soundcloud. I’m currently working on updates and a few compositions, so I'm planning to have something new out soon.

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