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MOBO Interview | Selina Cole

Are you related to Cheryl Cole or ex-Premiership Footballer Andy Cole?

Well, where can I start [Laughs]. As much as I would love to be related to these celebrities, unfortunately I am not, I was just blessed with the second name Cole [Laughs].  

Tell us about the Gospel scene in Leicester

I would have to say that being in Leicester makes it extremely hard to be a Gospel artist; not many places hold gospel events to promote Gospel music and not many people make Gospel music, especially in Leicester. I find that a majority of gigs I get booked for are outside of Leicester. In the future, I would love for Leicester to be more of a place where they hold events for Gospel talent. Hopefully, one day I will be able to hold a Gospel event to get the music out there.

Are you a Leicester City Football fan?

Well, I couldn’t tell you the first thing about football buts it's always good to hear when Leicester has won. So, yes I would say I support them. It's always good to support the home team.

Are you a fan of the MOBO Awards?

Definitely!!! I love watching the MOBO Awards and seeing all the talent. I find it very inspirational and would love to be on there one day.

Tell us about your new single.

"Hello World" is my new single. Well, where can I start? I actually wrote “Hello World” about a year ago.  I think I was on a train and just took my pen and paper out and started writing whatever came to my mind. I love traveling when I am writing songs or being in situation where I can express myself through song. “Hello World” is basically about being in a place where we realise that the amount of things we do in this world will all pass one day. I think we try to be so perfect outwardly but the only person that we need to be perfect for is God. No one is perfect but when we have God in our life and set all our affections on him this world will mean nothing to us.

MOBO nominated artist, Kristyna Myles, is from Leicester, do you have her latest album?

No, I don't actually have her album but I have listened to her music. I think she's an amazing artist and I find her voice very unique.  

Where can new fans see you perform live?

All my new fans can find out news on my upcoming gigs through my official Facebook page (Selina Cole). I’m in the process of making a music page but if they follow my personal page it will soon be announced when the music page is ready. 

Is there a difference between the Leicester Gospel and London Gospel environment?

Of course, I would say that there definitely is. Leicester is a very small place. Like I said previously, it’s very hard to get your music out there in Leicester as there’s not a lot of events taking place. It’s different in London, I would say you have a lot more opportunities to get you music heard. 

Are you interested in mainstream labels?

I do enjoy listening to some mainstream artists such as Beyoncé and Jhene Aiko, their music gives me many ideas.  

Name some of your favourite British and American Gospel artists?

To pick my favourite British Gospel artist could take me all day.  I love listening to all types of British Gospel and non-Gospel artists. However, if I had to pick my favourite American Gospel artist it would definitely be Kierra Shread. I love listening to her music as she inspires me to make my music different and that Gospel music doesn't have to be slow, it can be music to make people get up and dance.  

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