Sarah Teibo

MOBO Interview | Sarah Teibo

Who is Sarah Teibo in 3 words?


 Adventurous, Perfectionist, Shoe-lover…


What is your greatest music moment?


My greatest music moment was a very recent achievement. In November 2015, I released 'Steal My Joy', the first single from my upcoming album and it received such overwhelmingly positive reviews from listeners both in the UK and abroad. In December, it peaked at number 2 on the UK Christian charts. That was a very pleasant surprise for me!


Tell us about your debut single, ‘Steal My Joy'.


‘Steal My Joy’ is a bouncing mid-tempo track with a throw-back of classic soul and generous helpings of sweet vocal harmonies. Very often in life, it’s the seemingly little things that tip us over the edge, like getting stuck in the elevator, trains running late etc… My producer, GKID, and I co-wrote this song; drawing from real life scenarios we’ve both experienced and to which most listeners can relate.


The aim is to encourage people not to let anything take away their joy and to make the choice to be happy. It may not always be easy to do, but it's great to have such a positive and inspiring message especially if your day is going pear shaped and you feel like you've had the last straw.  



Was the making of the video good fun? 


Yes, and a lot of work too. I had to learn some interesting dance moves. I think it’s safe to say I may have a future in dancing! The concept for the video is very creative and with a Video Director like Uvi Orogun, it was also done to extremely high standards. Overall, I did have a lot of fun making it and watching the finished product.


Name a song that defines you? 


Someone recently asked me what my favourite song on the project is and without hesitation I quickly responded with 'I Long For You'. This song is essentially the story of my life (and maybe of a fair few Christians out there). It simply talks about how sometimes we're so busy doing 'life' that we don't make time for God. In some cases, we're busy doing 'church', but not really getting intimate with him. The song defines me because the essence of me lies in him and I'm always longing for more of him. 


If Simon Cowell asked you to sign to Syco Records, would you?


Yes, without hesitation, as long as I am allowed to sing my kind of music.


What will you do with the proceeds when your new single hits sales of 1 million?


Wow! First of all, amen to that! I would invest in people, starting with a few charities and orphanages I currently support.


Are you a Songwriter?


Yes, I am. I’ve done a fair bit of writing on my soon to be released album ‘Walk With Me', on which I wrote a majority of the songs and also co-wrote some with GKID.


What do you think of music awards?


I think music awards are great because they help celebrate and promote the music scene as well as give fans the opportunity to support their favourite artists. They're also great for helping raise artist profiles, once nominated or if they win.


Given a choice, would you back Kirk Franklin for one evening, or headline your own Nationwide solo tour?


It would be great to support Kirk Franklin, but as I am trying to build my own music career and ministry, headlining my own tour would give me great experience and profile so that, who knows, one day Kirk himself might call me to support his tour, then it would be on a whole different level.


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