Sabrina Paul MOBO interview

MOBO Interview | Sabrina Paul

Describe yourself in 5 words.


Loving, adventurous, dedicated, a miracle and crazy (just a bit!). [Laughs]


When did you first discover that you could sing?


Well, as a child really. I come from a musical family and always had music playing in the house, so I used to sing along. My aunt used to record me singing a couple of tracks at the age of 8 with 3-part harmonies. I was a very shy child though, so I never sang in public until around age 14. I'm also a musician too. I learned how to play the piano and drums from a young age.


What really irritates you?


Loud chewing [Laughs]. It's the worst!


British Gospel artists such as Amazin, Muyiwa and Sonnie Badu have released videos on YouTube that have hit 100,000 viewers. What do you think is happening within this niche on a social media level?


It's becoming more popular and people are obviously enjoying it as another great sound of gospel music.


Who is the inspiration behind your music journey?


God. His love, His word, His faithfulness. I could go on all day! He gave me this gift of music, to write and create, so I have decided to use it for Him and to introduce Him to others. This is what keeps me going even when times are hard during the journey.



Tell us about management, distribution and your label?


Well, I am currently an Independent artist but hey, who knows what the future holds! 


Who is your favourite British Gospel Artist?


Hmmm...this is a hard one. I would say Noel Robinson. I respect his journey, song writing, musical ability and passion for worship.


How does Mobo impact on your music?


It's commendable that they have helped Gospel music be brought into the mainstream!


Are you searching for a major record deal?


[Laughs] I'm not searching but like I said, who knows what the future holds!


When does the Nationwide or world tour Kick off?


At this point, I really don't know! But I would take the opportunity if it came my way.


Fashion Stylists such as Cian Smith are becoming increasingly popular amongst Gospel artists, why do you think so?


This area I'm not very clued up on to be honest but I wouldn't say no to a stylist *hint hint*


What can mainstream audiences gain from your music?


I like to write positive lyrics so people can be uplifted and hear the gospel. My EP contains 5 completely different tracks. There is something for everyone and that is my aim, to reach as many people as possible.


Tell us about your latest release?


My EP 'More of you' was released in 2014. It is available as a hard copy and on media platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby and Amazon. However, a new single is on the way! More information will be revealed soon.


Where can new Mobo fans see you sing live?


I am the Musical Director and a worship leader at my church which has weekly events. I have a few engagements around London coming up, so the best thing to do is follow me on social media and all details will be available there very soon.


Connect with Sabrina Paul online:

Twitter: SabrinaBriPaul

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Instagram: sabrinabripaul 






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CD Baby: ♫ More of You - Sabrina Paul. Listen @cdbaby


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