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MOBO Interview | Eric Reverence

1. Your name sounds like it belongs to an American Gospel Superstar, are you American?


Oh wow, wouldn’t that be such a great title to have. I think you are declaring something in there right? [Laughs] No, I am not an American. I am a proud British man with a Ghanaian background. The name surprisingly was birthed by my fans. In the beginning I started off in a group named Reverence, which means to honour, to worship and to adore God. However, as I grew more into the ministry, I began to establish myself as an independent artist. Everywhere I went to perform, they will always call me Eric Reverence even though that was not the name I gave them. It happened at most events so I just came to the realisation that this is a name that my audience want to call me by, so I accepted it, and its best decision I ever made.



2. Tell us about your latest album.


I am currently working on my new album which is coming later this year. I am very excited about this album because I believe it’s going to be awesome.  Watch this space!



3. Who is your mentor and Record label?


God is my ultimate and number 1 mentor and he has blessed me with great mentors such as my pastor (Steve Sutherland), my label manager (Chris Palmer), Jerry Bonsu, Nayaah, Noel Robinson, Ibe GiantKiller Otah and Steve Alexander Smith. All these people believe in me, my vision and have shown great love and advised me in the right direction. There is one person who I reserved specially to mention, my wife. She has always been there for me, prayed for me, supported and encouraged me through some tough times.


I am signed to a new Christian label here in the UK called NineFruit Records.



4. What is your signature song?


I will have to say “I Will Carry On”. This song is personal to me and the song tells about my life journey. “I Will Carry On” also received great remarks and a lot of people told me how much this song helped them and resonated with them in their difficult times, even till this present day. It is one of those songs that I have been blessed to see it penetrate, not just the Christian audience, but also to the mainstream audience.



5. Have you sold 1 million albums yet?


[Laughs] No, not yet but, God willing, I’m hoping to do so in the not too distant future.



6. Where will your music be in 5 years time?


Well, I’d like to think my songs translate to all kinds of different circumstances and situations. I would obviously love to be played all around the world and to hear my songs on radio stations but, to be totally honest with you, I would really love to hear people singing my songs, not only in churches, but also in the mainstream. I believe in 5 years my music will be used over the world for all purposes.


7. Where can fans see you perform?


I have events booked all throughout the year. My next upcoming events in February and March 2016 are Spontaneous Worship night at Canterbury (Kent), Stoke-on-Trent, London. I will also be sharing the stage again with Tim Hughes, Noel Robinson, IDMC and Sandra Godley at this year’s CRE International at London, Excel. They can also visit my website, Facebook and Twitter, which will give them more information about my upcoming events.



8. I have heard a rumour that you are best mates with Kirk Franklin, is that true?


[Laughs] I don’t know how these rumours start and how I wished this was true.  Unfortunately, this is not true. Kirk Franklin is one of my favourite artists and I admire him a lot. Hey, you never know, maybe in the near future it may be the case. You just never know. I hope Kirk is reading this so he can make his move sooner than later [Laughs]



9. Tell us about your backing crew.


My backing crew are just amazing and wonderful people. I would not swap them for anything. The wonderful thing about my team is that it is multicultural and each member has been a great support to me. They have the right attitude, heart, passion and are very dedicated to the vision and where I want to go. We are a family, we talk about things and have a great deal of fun. I am really blessed to have this awesome team.



10. If you were only allowed one Gospel album in a lifetime, what would it be?


Oh wow, this is a difficult one as I have my favourite artists: Isreal Houghton, Hillsong, Bethel, Noel Robinson, Matt Redman, Kirk Franklin, Donnie Mcklurkin. This really is a tough one. The reason for this is because in my teens Kirk Franklin songs inspired me a lot and gave me the hope to not give up. Then Isreal Houghton and Hillsong songs were in line with the style of songs that I do now. I think I will go with my heart and it would have to be a Hillsong album.

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