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MOBO Interview | Ché Sampson

You share the first name of a Cuban Revolutionary figure. Does that reflect your character?


So l heard [laughs]. The only thing we have in common is that we are both of South American heritage and we’re both born in June. The name Ché is simply an abbreviation of my full name. It was actually my brother who thought of the name and I thought it would be a cool artist name.


Is your Gospel music revolutionary?


Not so much at this early stage, but I believe my style is quite unique and has the potential to be innovative. As I continue to develop my style, who knows what can happen.


How would you describe your character?


Optimistic, easy going, compassionate, silly and playful at times. Determined, faithful, God fearing and always striving to stay true and genuine. 


Who is the main influence in your music journey?


Well, inspiration in Hebrew means ‘God-breathed’ and, having said that, I would say my biggest inspiration is God. I thank him for inspiring me to write songs and giving me this gift of music. My family have been an amazing influence in my journey and they give me loads of advice and encouragement.


What is the highlight of your Gospel music to date?


When people share their appreciation for my music and how it’s been a blessing to them. Hearing that makes me feel very blessed and humbled.


Tell us about your recent performances.


I recently performed tacks off my debut EP, New Every Morning, at Premier player Christian Radio, I also performed live at Premier Gospel’s Arise N Shine with Dave P, Premier unsigned live at Bedford Bar (Balham), Sunday Night Live in Costa Coffee (Ramford), Novasound Jury Inn (Croydon) and Youth day of fellowship (Emmanuel Cente). I also did a gig at Hallelujah Concert Newbold College (Reading) and Zoenites (North London).

How would you describe British Gospel music to new listeners?


Its positive, uplifting, vibrant and varied in style and sound. Music that can cater for all tastes. Its self-expressive and carries an individual style and sound.


Do you have an image?


Not really, I just try and keep it real. I hope to have an image people can relate to. I like things natural, beautiful and eclectic. I hope I can inspire people to do what suits them and be themselves, as there are too many pressures to look and dress a certain way.


In the USA, Gospel artists achieve a great deal of fame and wealth. Is that a goal for you?


The music comes first to me every time. As a gospel artist, I want to do my part in bringing the praise back to God and create music that encourages listeners on a day to day basis. My goal is to inspire as many people as possible through my music and bring fame to God. If doing this brings wealth, I will make sure to give him glory also.


Why do you think books such as British Black Gospel and having a category dedicated to Gospel music at the MOBO Awards is so important?


Books such as British Black Gospel create a greater awareness of gospel music and, for me, it’s important to know my musical heritage. As a newcomer I know there’s a lot I can learn from artists that have come before me. Shows such as the MOBO Awards also inspire and equip a new generation of gospel artists, giving them a platform, extra support and, most importantly, provides the opportunity of reaching a wider audience whose first choice in music may not be gospel.



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