Kyla interview Drake

Kyla on appearing on Drake’s “One Dance” – and being surprised by its release

Drake’s love for London’s Grime scene is pretty undeniable. He loves it so much, in fact, that he got BBK (Boy Better Know) tatted on his shoulder and allegedly signed to Skepta and Jme's independent Grime label. However, his latest track “One Dance” shows that he’s now got a thing for UK Funky House too. Of course, there was a lot to take in after Drake debuted “One Dance”, but it was hard to miss the major appearance from UK singer Kyla.

For those unfamiliar with her, Kyla is known for being the lead vocalist on the Crazy Cousinz remix of 2008 UK Funky House anthem, “Do You mind,” which Drake chose to sample on "One Dance". And, as expected, Kyla is overjoyed that the whole thing came together the way that it did. Speaking with MOBO shortly after the record was released, Kyla opened about her appearance on the track, her reaction to the record, and whether or not she thinks Funky House could make a comeback.


How has it been ever since “One Dance” came out?


Very busy, but very exciting. Everything’s been happening really fast, so I haven't had time to process it all, but I’m feeling very blessed.


What’s the craziest thing that has happened since?


Nothing, this is the craziest thing that has happened to me [Laughs]


How did you get involved with the song?


I received an email from a music publishing company asking to get in touch with someone that worked at Sony ATV. I ignored it at first as I was out, then my father-in-law called me to explain he received an email and that it seemed really important. When I called they explained that a huge international artist wanted to sample my tune. I really thought someone was April fooling me, it all happened really fast.


How do you feel about Drake’s interpretation of the song, including the addition of Wizkid on the track?


I absolutely love it! I love the track and I would’ve bought it even if I wasn't on it. I love how Drake and Wizkid sprinkled a bit of magic and switched it up.



How do you feel about the reaction to the song?


I'm so chuffed, the online feedback has been amazing. I'm so pleased it’s doing well, I'm feeling over the moon.


Drake recently thanked DJ Logan Sama for his help with "One Dance". Can you tell us a bit about his involvement in the record?


I have no idea. When I asked Drake’s manager how he found out about the tune, he explained he had been listening to it on the radio and wanted to do something with it. Maybe Logan played it to them, either way, I'm very thankful.


Have you spoken to Crazy Cousinz since the song dropped?


Yes, I'm actually happily married to one of them and the other is my husband's cousin, well my cousin now [Laughs]. Crazy Cousinz was a family thing, which I think is so lovely.


It’s been a while since UK Funky House topped the charts, but what do you think is so irresistible about the genre that it continues to be sampled to this day?


I think there is something magical about the genre that nobody can put their finger on, it just works.


Considering Drake’s impact, there’s now been a lot of talk about the possibility of a resurgence of UK Funk House, how do you feel about this?


I think it's great. I never thought it died, for me, “Do You Mind” was originally a Bassline track and got mixed into different genres, and the funky track seemed to stick. So I was learning about funky house when I was in it. I really hope it does as it was a beautiful time. For me, I would say I'm very diverse so you could hear all genres not just funky house.


Apart from “Do You Mind”, if you could recommend one Funky House song that everyone has to listen to, which one would it be?


Princess Nyah's “Butterflies,” although I don't think the original mix was ever released. 



What’s next for you?


I’ve been in the studio working on new material since mid last year and was waiting for the right time to show off what I got. So I'm going to keep my head down in the studio and release some new music that I hope you all like. 


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