Edir Frederico Da Costa

#JusticeForEdson: Young father dies days after he was detained by police

The tragic death of Edir Frederico da Costa, also known as Edson, following his arrest by the Metropolitan police, has led to a public outcry for justice, which many feel has not yet begun to be served.

According to The Guardian, Costa, who died on Wednesday (June 21), six days after he was detained, was in a car with two other people and was approached by police on Woodcocks, just off Tollgate Road, at about 10pm on 15 June. His father, Ginario da Costa, claims police suspected the car had been involved in a robbery. He later told a Portuguese news agency his son, 25, insisted he had done nothing and resisted.

Family of Da Costa allege he was ‘brutally beaten’ and left in a coma following the police stop. His relatives say the extent of his injuries were so shocking that he was left with a fractured skull and a ruptured bladder, among other injuries.

Following his arrest, Da Costa became unwell. He was given first aid and an ambulance was called to take him to hospital, where he remained in a coma on a life support machine until he died six days later.

After a post-mortem examination on Thursday (June 22), a pathologist concluded there were no injuries to suggest severe force was used. However, further investigations will be undertaken to establish the cause of death, the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission), which is investigating, said.

Since the case burst onto the national consciousness this week, there have been questions about the facts in the incident and plenty of reaction from the music world and beyond about what other issues may be beneath the surface of the tragic incident. While some have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts and offer their condolences, others are joining Edson's family and friends by demanding answers under the hashtag #JusticeForEdson.