juiced up playlist | Afro B

“Juiced Up” is our weekly playlist series which sets out to keep you motivated and pumped up. In this week's edition, we catch up with Afro B as he talks all things AfroWave and shares some of his favorite tracks, which are sure to keep you motivated. 


What’s the concept behind Afro Wave? 


The concept behind Afro Wave is to show the fusion of genres as well as my versatility. The main fusion is Afro beats Dancehall and Hip Hop. There are some songs that are quite either tradition, mainstream or authentic. 

Additionally, one of the main purposes was to push the genre itself and to expand people’s knowledge on the sound and beautiful continent. 


You’ve worked with some of the hottest names in music for this project. What was it like working with the likes of Sneakbo, Yxng Bane, Dr SID and Kenny Allstar on Afro Wave? 


I had already built a relationship with the artists before working with them. This definitely helped with the chemistry between the artists and myself; I feel that this is important to bring out the best of a song. Ideas, thoughts, energy and vibes can be shared. 


Your music plucks elements from a range of genres, but how would you define your sound? 


My sound is very melodic (either dancehall, Afro beats, gospel melodies or Old school RnB) and catchy. A lot of songs have meaning or a message behind it. 


Afro Wave definitely showcases your versatility as an artist. How do you continue to grow an audience, without catering to trends? 


I’ve always been the type of the artist to not conform to trends that are happening. If I do, I still find a way to balance my sound and the trend, to still please the core fanbase as well as the potential ones who like the new occurring trend.  


You’re often compared to artists like J Hus, Kojo Funds and MoStack. But what makes you, and Afro Wave, different from the new class of artists? 


My versatility and personality separate me. I'm not afraid to experiment with music to make my sound reach new audiences and heights. Afro Wave is a taster of what I have to offer and what is to come. 


Who are some of your inspirations? 


God, Family, 50 Cent, Vybz Kartel, Movado, Tupac, Michael Jackson.


Any dream collaborations? 


I would love to collab with 50 cent


What else can fans expect from you in 2017? 


More visuals from the Afro Wave project and collabs. Overall a stronger brand and greater heights. 

The following tracks either really gas me up or keep me very calm and reflective. The vibes are good and motivational!