kwamz and flava


Kwamz & Flava shut down the net when they dropped their audio for their single ‘Takeover’. It went viral and has since racked up over 3 million plays, inspiring fans to upload their own dance version to make it a viral sensation. After dropping dope visuals for their catchy track,’ MOBO had to catch up with them to find out exactly how they plan to take over the world!

MOBO: The audio for ‘Takeover’ has had over 3 Million views. We’ve seen fans upload their own versions to this track on the net. Did you ever expect "Takeover" to become so popular?

K&F: Never!!! That was never the aim. We just wanted to make music that people could enjoy. We’re overwhelmed and more than grateful for the love we receive.

MOBO: What exactly is the track about? What inspired you to write it?

K&F: The track is about our struggle up until where we are now. We've worked hard to get here and like the track says, ‘we're going to take over’. Our intention for everyone who plays the track is to understand and declare that you'll be successful in anything you do, slowly but surely.

MOBO: For those who don’t know what the UK Afrobeats scene is about, please tell us.

K&F: Afrobeats UK is a genre of music. It centres around a collection of artists bringing their heritage and implementing their culture into the western world through different sounds to portray a sense of Africa.

MOBO: What type of music did you grow up listening to? Who influenced you musically?

K&F: Coming from a Ghanaian background, ee grew up listening to high life, Michael Jackson, and U.K. Stuff like garage and Funky. In terms of influences, it's a mixture of everything

MOBO: Your both originally from Ghana - What would you say is the best thing about the country?

K&F: Hmmmm, It has to be the friendly people and definitely the FOOD! [Laughs]

MOBO: Will you be at carnival this year?

K&F: Yes, we definitely will.

MOBO: The UK is a melting pot of different cultures and music. How have your musical tastes influenced your sounds?

K&F: Our musical tastes has influenced us in a great way. We try to put all sounds & beats together but still hold onto our culture, that's something we don't want to lose!

MOBO: We’ve seen you spend quite some time in the states. What’s the reception of your music like over there?

K&F: It's crazy! The people out there literally know our songs word for word, they really embrace the movement.

MOBO: What was it like working with Tanisha scott?

K&F: Working with Tanisha Scott was a privilege. We absolutely love dance, so it was nice to work with someone who shares that common interest. She quickly understood what we wanted to bring out in the video; fun and passion.

MOBO: How does it feel having signed a Sony Deal with Black Butter?

K&F: We're honestly so grateful for every opportunity we get and this is the start of something new, bigger and better. We are ready to put in more work to deliver something great. Shout out to the guys at black butter, thank you!

MOBO: Who are you/would you like to work with in the future?

K&F: It would be awesome to work with Justin Bieber on a track.

MOBO: What are you aiming to achieve with your new music?

K&F: We want our music to travel, that's our ultimate goal. We want our sound to be heard and it instantly makes you happy or want to dance. We also want to grow as artists; teach ourselves more about music and evolve. You can never stop learning.

MOBO: Will you be watching MOBO Awards this year and who would you like to see being nominated?

K&F: We will definitely be watching the MOBO Awards, we always do. We would like to see ourselves nominated.

MOBO: Ghana Jolloff or Nigerian Jolloff?

K&F: We're not quite sure if that's a question. It's a conspiracy, but of course Ghana Jollof!