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It's our 18th birthday this year. What did you do for your 18th?

I just got together with the guys, I didn’t do anything extravagant. We chilled, drank and just busted jokes.

Did you grow up watching the Awards and what's your personal favourite MOBO moment from over the years?

The Awards are definitely something I watched growing up. The most memorable performance for me was So Solid’s and the interview that Megaman gave. It really felt at that point like man from the ends could get recognized for the work they were putting in, I was happy for them, their energy is crazy and it really made you believe that your own dream was achievable.

Which MOBO artists did you look up to when you were younger?

Apart from So Solid, I was inspired by Sway and what he was able to achieve being an independent artists. Musically I’m coming from a cultural angle and I haven’t seen that before so I hope my path inspires others to bring their culture through too.

How was it to perform at the nominations launch?

It was an exciting and deep moment. For them to choose me out of all the artists to showcase what I can do really felt like a milestone. It helped me believe I’m doing something right. There was a lot of industry people and move makers there so I made sure I made a statement about my music and this being the new Africa, how it’s perceived in the media, my mission and message.

What's your career highlight to date?

There’s a couple. Getting a top 10 with Antenna in the charts was amazing. It inspired me and let me know the music I’m making is translating across different cultures, the music doesn’t just stay in one country or confined to one culture. The UK is the best place to chart, it’s so diverse and culture wise the whole world is in the UK. To be able to cross over was a big deal and a real blessing. Another was a show in Tanzania, 10,000 people came to watch me perform and that was another deep moment, there was so much love. I wasn’t initially making music for people of Tanzania so that it crossed over was crazy. Making African music with modern twist is what I do so for them to embrace it fully was incredible.

How’s it feel to be nominated for best newcomer at this years awards?

It’s a crazy blessing and because of the hard work I’ve been putting in over the years, all the underground showcases and trying to break free. To be officially recognized for my contribution was a real endorsement of my music and it now feels like it’s all beginning, so lets go!

What are you looking forward to most at this years event and what's next for you?

Networking with the talents on the day, So Solid’s performance in particular and I’m looking forward to gathering an award (laughs). I’m praying we get something, it would mean a lot, just being nominated is a blessing so to win would be crazy. My album's ready so I'm looking forward to putting that out, seeing the reaction and I want to tour across the world and showcase it to as many people as possible. I'm going to keep spreading the message of the new Africa. The album's called TINA - This Is New Africa - and it's me sharing my experiences growing up, good vibes, fast and slow tempos, different kinds of energy and people will really see me as an artist.

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Fuse ODG is Nominated for Best Newcomer at this years MOBO Awards


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