Ibe the giant killer

Ibe 'Giantkiller' Otah is a man of many talents. You may recognise him as a radio presenter on Premier Gospel, but what you might not know is that he delves in comedy, runs a music production company and is heavily involved in music promotion.

We caught up with him to discuss British Gospel, his many many talents and Luton's new Gospel hopefuls. 


Did you realise that Murder is a serious crime!? Which Giant did you kill?

I got it from the David and Goliath story. Everybody has giants that they have to sleigh. In my life 'Goliath' happened to be fear. But with the help from God I was able to conquer it.

Are you a DJ, Artist, Producer, comedian or all of the above?

I am a Radio presenter on Premier Gospel, a comedian, music producer and promoter all rolled into one person!"

You own you're own label. Who have you produced for?

I have a production company - Giantkiller Productions. We have worked with several gospel artists like Noel Robinson, Nicky Brown, Ni-cola,  Triple O, J Vessel, Guvna B, Ian Green, Sam Moore, Four Kornerz, Isaiah- Raymond, Victizzle and Grammy Nominated Gospel Gangstas

Future Projects include Patrick George and the UPMASS Choir, Sam Moore and Ni-cola.

I also co-manage a Touring Promotion company called OnBoard Generation with Ricardo Erasmus. We have recently toured with Noel Robinson in Cape Town South Africa and will be returning again in October and more international trips are in the pipe line. I am also part of the Noel Robinson Management and Admin team.

Have you made your first million yet?

I have seen the millions! I have seen the vision in my head.

Tell us about Luton and its rising new Gospel hopefuls.

Luton is a melting pot for lots of cultures and flavors and the talent is endless. Great artists who have appeared on National television and made a name for themselves are common like Partick George and the Upmass Choir (BGT Appearance), Beverley Trotman & Voices with Soul (X-Factor) and GSI. Watch out for Jenny Ingram Brown.

What do you predict for the future of British Gospel music?

The future of British Gospel will get bigger and bigger because of the resources and technology. We have some great up and coming artists emerging such as V9 Collective, J Vessel ,Clif n Marie (Tru Devotion) and The Reapers Choir who are all live and on record.










Steve Smith