Greogory Isaacs Collection Gets Remixed

The late Gregory Isaacs, one of the most prolific reggae artists of his era, gets the remix treatment courtesy of leading UK dancehall/reggae label Necessary Mayhem. A brand new album - Gregory Isaacs: Remixed- will be released 15 April 2013. The label has enlisted the skills of legendary record producer Curtis Lynch to work on the revised album which will take 10 of the very best tracks from the Gregory Isaacs and Gussie Clarke catalogue.

Tracks selected for the remix addition include ‘Judge Not’, ‘Private Beach Party’, ‘Red Rose For Gregory’, ‘I.O.U’ and ‘Absent All’.

Four-time Grammy winner Isaacs, who passed away in 2010, was hailed 'the most exquisite vocalist in reggae' by the New York Times. In the 1980s Isaacs was signed to Island Records and released his best known track 'Night Nurse'. Ahead of the album’s release is ‘Private Beach Party’ remix which is available to hear below:


Karine Le-Blanc