Falk Hentschel Interview

Falk Hentschel Interview

How are you feeling with the filming over and the promo is coming to an end

Mixed emotions. It’s like my family breaking up that you’ve built over the year. We saw each other constantly for 5 months so a little bit sad but so happy to see it all come together.


What is your background in dancing?

I wanted to be an actor when I was little. There wasn’t a real way in so my mum was a real Dirty Dancing fan and she said how Patrick Swayze and John Travolta were dancers, why don’t you learn how to dance. So I started with Latin and Ballroom which is so unusual for a 14 year old (laughs). That turned into Hip Hop and then I wanted to know a bit more about dance like jazz and tap. Later I became a back up dancer which led me to Hollywood. I’ve been focusing on the acting for 10 years now and solely acting for the last 5 years. Then I got this role in StreetDance 2.


With this in mind, when you got the script with the salsa and street mix, were you confident it was going to work?

I thought it was a real good fusion as both dancers come from the street. If you watch closely in the film and you see the house style of dancing and the footwork is very similar to salsa and even in hip hop they’re similar. They started from the same place, they came around and now they’re back together. It’s a great fusion that has the aggressive raw power from hip hop and the passion and fire from salsa.

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How did this experience compare to your other acting roles (Knight & Day, Arrested Development, CSI)?

They were very different because usually I play dark or tough characters that don’t get to be so playful. So to do a movie that’s so fun with a lot of laughter and isn’t too serious, it was great as well as having that depth and positive connection between two people is great.


Who would you say is the best dancer out of the whole cast?

(laughs) Definitely not me. It’s so hard to put a title on it. I don’t think dancing is ever to be about the best, it’s supposed to be about expressing yourself and you’re ok whatever you do. To me, these guys are experts in expressing themselves. They’re experts in being dedicated, disciplined and they’re wonderful people. It sounds corny but they are all number one. I have probably the most respect for Sofia because she’s a hard worker and she had never done salsa before. When you watch that boxing ring scene, to me hands down, I was floored. It was quite something to watch that transformation.


What was the most jaw drooping moment when filming the film?

It’s hard to say because there were so many pieces of the film that I loved. The finale was sensational. Everyone did an amazing job for that scene. For me personally, the boxing ring scenes were jaw dropping and a few things around that. Like how Sofia says how the boxing ring is real in France and dance battles actually happen in bars. That’s so cool to me. Maybe I’m wrong but I think this is the first time it was shown in a film.


What sort of features will be included on the bonus features when the DVD comes out?

I’m not sure but I hope a lot of dance scenes that weren’t shown will be featured. You only have an hour and a half for the film so a lot of great scenes and dance battles had to be cut.


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Interviewed by: Dean Woodhouse