Dj Semtex drake interview

Drake talks 'More Life', skipping the Grammy Awards, Skepta, beef with Meek Mill and Kanye West's rant with DJ Semtex

It's very rare to get an in-depth interview with Drake these days, so when it does come along, you know it's bound to be filled with gems. 
As he gears up for the release of his new project, More Life, the Hip Hop star sat down for an insightful interview with DJ Semtex in London. Recorded on Monday (February 13), Drake covered everything from his relationship with Skepta, his love for UK music, what fans can expect from More Life, his working relationship with Quentin Miller for If You’re Reading, his thoughts on winning two GRAMMYs and why he decided to skip the ceremony this year, his come-up in music, how jumping on Santan Dave’s "Wanna Know" came together, his beef with Meek Mill, recording an album with Kanye West and so much more. 
Check out highlights from the interview below (via Nation of Billions) and look out for the full video interview on Monday. 
On the first time he experienced racism...
"You know, the first time I really experienced it, was when I got famous and went to America and people would challenge me, like I don’t understand how it works or like “your Canadian, you’ll never understand, like the Black American struggle, or you’ll never under…..” That was the first time I really got challenged, and it was by people I had met from America that were like even close to me at the time."
On the GRAMMY Awards and why he didn't attend this year's ceremony.... 
"I was pitched by the Grammy’s to cancel those two shows and fly and go sit in the audience to lose because they don’t air the other rap awards on TV. So I would have left 30,000 people hanging to sit there and just be there for their own ratings you know." He continued: "I’m speaking from the perspective of a winner, I won two awards, it’s just it really put it all in perspective for that thank God that I stayed here and did what I’m supposed to be doing for the people that actually care about my music, you know." 
On his initial reaction to "Pop Style" and why he removed Jay Z and Kanye West from the final album cut.... 
"Yeah, I was dealing directly with Ye and that’s the version that he sent me and that was what we talked about and he was like “man you know this is like ‘Pop Style’ featuring the throne, this is huge” and I was excited obviously, anybody would be excited to see them link back up. And then I didn’t know what I was gonna hear. So when I heard Jay had two bars, I was like alright, it is what it is, it’s cool, I like that, it’s a little intro and Kanye goes off. And then you know I’m not really sure the details between how that conversation was miscommunicated or what they were going through at that time, or what anybody felt towards me or whatever it was, I’m not really sure, but next thing I knew it just became a bit of an issue. And you know from there I don’t waste too much time, so I just was like alright, cool I’ll finish it, I can rap as good as anybody else, so I’ll just go finish this song and put forth my own version cos I don’t really like… you know, no one can dangle anything over my head in this business, I don’t play that." 
On Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour rant and why he chooses to distance himself even more from that side of fame...
"I’m not really sure what he’s referring to half the time, cos in the same breath, I went from being… like working on a project with him, to him sorta publicly shitting on me." He continued: "You know the more and more this progresses, the more and more I just feel like keeping to myself, cos its just so unpredictable, you never know which way people are gonna go."