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Drake buys rights to London-based drama 'Top Boy', set for starring role

Get ready! 'Top Boy' is set to make its return with Drake at the helms.

According to BBC Newsbeat, The Canadian rapper is going to star in the London-based drama, after buying the rights to the show. 

Ashley Walters, who plays Dushane, told the Daily Mirror that producers are making a "significant role" for the Canadian. He says the rapper met the show's creators last week to talk about the role.

"We met up to start talking about the show and we are working out a role for him," he told the newspaper.

"He loves acting, of course he wanted a part. He's going to be really hands on and is getting stuck into it."

Drake, who recently featured a bevy of UK artists on his latest project, More Life, became a huge fan of the show after it was acquired by Netflix. He gave the series a shout out on his 2015 track “Know Yourself” and, in an interview with Not For The Radio, Walters revealed that Drake loved the series so much he offered to pay for a third series:

“Drake thought it was proper. This was via text. I was speaking to Future [The Prince] mainly, Drake’s manager. We were going back and forth. And we were like, ‘Put a deal on the table’.

“Eventually they got in contact and asked, ‘What’s happening with series three?’ I told them Channel 4 had cancelled it. They said, ‘That’s sad, but we’re going to do something about it.’ Furthermore, Drake was like, ‘You need to break America’. He wanted to help.”

He continued: “We were going into meetings. Top Boy is the sort of brand we knew would sell to Netflix, Amazon. The numbers speak for themselves. So we had that power and the production company still owned the rights. And Drake made an offer and they turned it down. I don’t know what is going on with it – but I heard they are talking about a Top Boy Chicago.”

The gritty series, which starred So Solid’s Ashley Walters and Kano, was centred on East London’s crime and drug scene. ‘Top Boy’ aired from 2011 to 2014 on Channel 4, before being cancelled after just two seasons.

Further details are yet to emerge in regards to an air date, cast and broadcaster, but we’re excited for this latest development. 

In other Drake news, GQ is reporting that London will be the next location for the rapper's flagship OVO clothing store. The shop on 30 Berwick Street, London will sell his clothes and other merchandise with items for sale for the very affordable price range of between £32 and £110. No date has been announced for the opening yet. 

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images