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Dizzee rascal shares his thoughts on Grime's renaissance in revealing interview

You can always count on Kanye West to give us something to talk about. So it came as no surprise that when Kanye West rolled into the Brit Awards earlier this year, he managed to make headlines once more. This time, it was for his performance of “All Day,” backed by an entourage of some of the UK's finest Hip Hop and Grime artists. For some of Grime’s most ardent followers, and many MC’s themselves, this was a landmark moment for the scene as a whole.

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As an event usually reserved for the most-polished, biggest names in music, a movement largely overlooked and underrated by the mainstream had made its presence felt in a big way: By sharing the stage with one of the world’s most successful rap artists. However, for one of Grime’s pioneers, it was nothing to celebrate. In a recent interview with Time Out, Dizzee Rascal discussed Grime’s recent revival and shared what he really thought of Kanye West’s infamous Brit Awards performance.

Speaking on Grime’s renaissance, Dizzee Rascal told Time Out: ‘Who saw this coming? I didn’t! It’s come around again, like drum & bass did: that went away when people started smoking crack in the raves and getting shot. Since then it’s come round a bag of times. Look at Rudimental – that’s fourth or fifth generation D&B. People can’t look down on grime anymore; it’s an established British genre. It’s got longevity, it’s got spirit and it’s been interesting to see a whole new audience come in.’

Back in 2003, Dizzee Rascal made his debut with the critically-acclaimed album, Boy In Da Corner. He later went on to become the first rapper to win the prestigious Mercury Music Prize in 2003, beating other high-profile names like Coldplay and Radiohead. Since then, he has gone on to achieve four top 10 albums and five number 1 singles.

Elsewhere in the chat, Dizzee shared his thoughts on Grime’s recent co-signs from the likes of Drake and Pharrell, as well as Kanye West’s Brit Awards performance – which saw the likes of Skepta, Stormzy and Novelist appearing as part of the performance:

‘Kanye bringing everyone on stage – that’s a look… But NERD brought me up on stage. 
I toured with Justin Timberlake. We just didn’t have the social media to blow it up back then. I’m not taking anything away from anyone. What Skepta has done has been great, it’s been good to see him and his brother [JME] come back so strong. I respect that family unit. But everything people are seeing now: I already did it on my own. People talk about the pop part – they don’t talk about me being an independent artist. I made it look easy, that’s the problem! I dominated the underground and then I dominated the overground, and I did that on my own.’

Having been in the music industry for more than a decade, the MOBO Award-winner also offered advice to the genre’s new crop of stars, whilst maintaining that he could still learn a thing-or-two from Stormzy and Novelist:

‘I feel like I could learn as much from them as they could me. It’s a different time; there’s a ten-year gap between us. Everything I could give them advice about is obsolete now.’

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