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Chip fires shots at Big Narstie, Tinie Tempah and Bugzy Malone on "Pepper Riddim," Big Narstie Responds

It looks like Chip and Big Narstie’s feud is back to sizzling after seemingly simmering down.

It all started when Chip made his return to the scene with his Fire in The Booth freestyle earlier this year, which got a lot of people talking. The most notable thing about Chip’s performance was the shots taken at fellow MC Tinie Tempah, who he accused of using his fame to simply appear at fashion parties instead of making intelligent music or being a voice for his community. During his original freestyle, Tinie rapped: “I left the pizza boys that thought I won’t deliver again, you say you’re gonna be around, let’s see who is in the end,” which was thought to be a dig at Chip due to the fact that he has a track called ‘Pizza Boy.’

He continued, saying: “How can you be the MC for the country and you MC in the room with other MCs of the country. That don’t make no sense.”

Shortly after, Big Narstie shared his thoughts on Chip’s Fire in the Booth in an interview with Charlie Sloth, where he criticised Chip for taking the commercial route with his music, and also accused him of “selling out.”

“Tinie [Tempah] and Chip trying to beef on a hardcore grime level is like Boyz II Men and Dru Hill,” he quipped, adding that both MCs took the commercial route while it was available to them, but now their fans are older they’re trying to get back in with the real scene.

“Grime was not the way forward for [Chipmunk], he was making money, everyone was making money […] The reason why all these other MCs was ahead before me is ‘cos they sold out.”

Bugzy Malone also fired back at Chip in his own Fire In The Booth freestyle. The Manchester MC had some words for Chip and also referenced his hit single ‘Oopsy Daisy’ during his performance. “You went from Chip diddy Chip to the streets, Oopsy Daisy I’m not in your league.”

These comments were enough to rile up Chip, who took the opportunity to respond to Big Narstie, but also Tinie Tempah, DJ Cameo, Bugzy Malone, and Saskilla in his latest freestyle titled “Pepper Riddim,” which dropped in the lead up to his forthcoming EP Believe & Achieve - Episode 1

“Take a peep up in Tinie's arse, you might find Cameo and Saskilla. Why you bredding man that don't bring you? You wanna mind what you get yourself into.”

Also heard on the track are a couple of lines aimed directly at Big Narstie where Chip advises him to “fry in his own grease.” Ouch!

About "Oopsy Daisy", ya dun know, give me the microphone, I'll still swing you. I can't stop now that I've started, call my name out, hall are blasting. I still cut true, slim and classy, none of my tings want Big ol' Narstie, idiot. Don't chat what you don't know, B, no neck, looking all obese. Chatting shit 'bout my fans and yours, shut up, go fry in your own grease. And that's four man down in 32, any other opportunist can join the queue.

It didn’t take long for Big Narstie to respond to Chip in the lasts edition of his Uncle Pain series with Grime Report TV.

“You went from 0-100 real quick. You was with fu&*ing Chris Brown and T.I., and now you’re wearing a Lord Of the Mics boiler jacket with Jammer.”

Meanwhile, Chip took to twitter to share his thoughts on the scene shortly after the release of "Pepper Riddim." 


Adenike Gboyega