Ady Suleiman Takes The 'Mahogany Music Club' By Storm As He Showcases His Soulful Sounds In East London!

On a damp Thursday evening we arrived at The King’s Head, Haggerston, a venue which at first we were unsure how to get into until we were directed to the banged up side door by a more knowledgeable passer-by. After entering through this innocuous side door we were greeted by a bouncer and a friendly receptionist who checked us off the list before we entered a venue which took us totally by surprise! The King’s Head was a lavish and classy members only bar with velvet bar stools, lightly lit table booths and a stuffed tiger above the bar which had us feeling like we stepped straight into the 1920’s and only needed Leoardo Di Caprio to complete the Great Gatsby feel.

This was the venue for the Mahogany Music Club which takes place every 2nd Thursday of the month and hosted by the team behind the Mahogany Sessions YouTube channel. On the bill was the fantastic Martin Luke Brown who captivated the audience with his performance of Nostalgia. The talented Matthew & Me, an interesting 4 piece from Totnes, Devon, who combined electronic keys with a classic indy style performance, with their final track called ‘Sinners’ being a stand out for me due to some fantastic rhythmic drumming.   

The artist which we were invited down to see perform more closely was the fantastic Ady Suleiman, a talented singer-songwriter and gifted guitarist hailing from Nottingham and now residing in London as he begins his pursuit of a long lasting career in music after setting up his imprint Pemba Records on Sony. 

Arriving to the stage in his Nike T-shirt alongside his ever-present right hand man Ed Black on guitar Ady caught the attention of a chatty and distracted crowd by singing the intro of his song ‘Why You Running Away?’ which offers a repetitive yet hypnotizing vocal of the word running to begin the song. This eased the audience in and caught their ears which they would keep tuned into Ady’s soulful sound for the remainder of his 30 minute set.

This intriguing and emotive song which carried the message of facing up to the problems and troubles we see in life with the aim of solving them and taking you to ‘a destination that’s going to see your life improve’ instead of waiting on your problems to double, this song was well articulated and carried a tale which everyone in the crowd could resonate with at present or in the past, a sign of a fantastic songwriter, this led Ady into his second performance of the night with a song called ‘What’s the Score?’.

‘What’s The Score?’ holds an uplifting vibe on an awesome chorus, certainly one of my personal favourites from Ady, telling the story of a guy who is desperate to find out if the feelings of love are reciprocated with a girl in his life. This song of trying to find out if a girl feels the same and whether you have made the mistake of falling for the wrong girl is something which will echo with many guys so make sure you listen to the lyrics and feel the vibe on this one I guarantee you’ll be bopping your head by the first chorus!

Ady last month launched the official video for his debut single ‘So Lost’ which came in as the third song on his set in this intimate space in the King’s Head for a tight crowd of around 50 lucky guests. This mastered version, with a hospital bed theme throughout the video, brings in more drums and live instrumentation than his usual acoustic sound, a sign that Ady is developing his sound to create music more sophisticated and associated with a recording artist. ‘So Lost’ saw its premiere on Mistajam’s BBC Radio 1Xtra show and I hope that is not the last airplay we hear on this catchy track.

As we nearly hit the halfway point of Ady Suleiman’s set the venue saw an influx of music lovers who had heard Ady’s sound vibrate through to the bar upstairs. Those who entered the downstairs live music space at this moment were greeted by the lyrics from ‘Need Somebody To Love’ a song about the girl Ady is yet to meet and the questions around what she will look like outside and in when they finally meet.

Ady Suleiman then entered his final three songs of his set starting with ‘Longing for your Love’, a delicate softly strummed love song from Ady, which leaves you hanging onto every word as he describes the desire for love and the need to communicate his feelings as a female interest moves away, from the reactions I witnessed you could see this touched many in the audience. The penultimate song in the Nottingham lads set was ‘Serious’ an infectious jam which guitarist Ed Black sets the tone for superbly with Ady adding his words of having the desire to be heard as a casual girlfriend begins to take control and force a serious relationship. Ady truly showcases his amazingly unique tone on this track and showcased a huge amount of passion in this performance.

This brilliant set was then completed with ‘State of Mind’ in a perfect fashion. This conscious and thought provoking tune moved away from the theme of love and emotion to discuss social, political and religious issues in the present….brilliantly different with a catchy vibe!

Ady Suleiman is a true artist with an extremely unique and soulful sound, adding this to his ability to write a song which can hold its own alongside the best in the game right now. This Nottingham talent is in for a very successful career and after putting in his hours on the live circuit as well as countless festival I really hope 2015 brings the start of something special for Ady…..otherwise god help the music industry if this diamond in the rough cannot be shared with the world! 


Mike Hale